Game Til Morning’s Light is the adventure game perspective stunning 3rd leading players to the animation style filled with hauntingly. This is the game promises to cause storms in the summer.
Amazon Game Studios is a leading manufacturer specialized in creating innovative gaming products, unique and deeply about the horror genre on mobile can mention as Lost Within, To-Fu Fury or Tales From Deep Space. In recent times, this game continues the company unveiled its latest project called Til Morning’s Light and a lot of them new. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo
Game Til Morning’s Light continues to be a horror game combines elements puzzle adventure filled with the 3rd point hauntingly and charismatic players. Game storyline exciting and mysterious and beautiful cartoon graphics, game Til Morning’s Light takes players role play Erica Page lost little girl entered the haunted castle 200 years old. It is gentle, naive and vulnerable to bullying their peers she had been forced into the castle and from here, everything scary, horror constantly surrounded her appearance.

Besides the main task is to help the escape character Erica dark place, this gloomy, players will also discover many mysterious truths developers incorporate an ingenious way through each puzzle in the game . Through each level, the difficulty level was also increased from finding hidden objects, the objects necessary to adjust the clock to the right time to open the next exit … The puzzles are not true the too macabre and fear but it has close ties with each other and you will have to take the trouble to study what even the smallest detail can answer correctly.

Til Morning’s Light game always know how to continually create challenges between the two regimes as players explore the castle or continue to unlock new multiplayer. This mobile game has been introduced last year with the mechanism controlled by touch, the same 3D sensor system “Dynamic Perspective” telephone monopoly phone Amazon Fire, allowing players to tilt the phone to be able to peek inside the closed room.
In addition to the items or things to be searched, the puzzles to find a solution, then Til Morning’s Light also contain hidden dangers more terrifying when players face, combat survival with monsters weird is Lurking everywhere in the castle. do not be startled if they suddenly appear offline! Please help her quick reflexes Erica, using things like flashlights, sticks, knives … or even kill monsters sword muck is on the siege to more.

Sounds from falling objects language, opening hours … or even a whisper of ghosts are the developers refine and invest no less than graphics. These two factors combined together make for an excellent adventure for anyone to experience the game.
Graphics in the game is designed very beautiful and delicate feet from the external environment to create vivid character animation cute bold. But not to that Til Morning’s Light lacks the spectacle makes you shudder. Lighting effects and shadows in the game are pretty thorough care little has portrayed the atmosphere gloomy, cold from the room very dim creating macabre. Not to mention, every now and then there are monsters stormed out from the shadows waiting for the swallows themselves will make the faint of heart panic.
Til Morning’s Light is currently selling for $ 6.99 on the App Store app store.


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