Forgotten Memories is a puzzle RPG mixed elements very attractive horror was officially available on devices using iOS platform.
Reportedly, games Forgotten Memories is an adventure game mixed with horror elements to challenge players. This mobile game play puzzle owns challenging financial speculation observations and minds of players. Another advantage of this game is the graphics of the game are designed by advanced technology 3D Unity gives gamers the sharp images, true and scary to detail bring the thrill, drama not inferior to other games of the same genre. Players will be creepy to be involved in this game.

The player will play the girl Rose Hawkins – our main character is a refugee which looks very miserable when engaged in Forgotten Memories. Poor girl woke up in a dark place full of creepy mannequins and horror. The mission of gamers would be to follow the trail to find her sister Eden lost to the protagonist. From this, a series of difficult challenges will be emptied on your shoulder. No less daunting situations but be brave. The context of the game was inspired by horror games of the 90s such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark to evoke somewhat that “obsessive” in the past. This is definitely a game worth experiencing. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Wilfried Marcadet – producer and game director of Forgotten Memories idea said: “Our main objective is to create a mobile game can reach the quality of the game on a console. And in 3 years of development, we were very excited and proud to be able to bring the ultimate image set foot on mobile “.
Game Forgotten Memories is a convergence full all the hallmarks of an adventure thriller, from spooky element to the sound effects caused obsessive cause any gamer when experience should at least once startling and forth. Try to help her Rose Hawkins overcome these challenges and overcome their own fears to find his sister and escape there “hell on earth” this muck.

In addition, the elements of sound pictures used in the game and help the popular game ever. Players will be seen once the adrenaline pumping from the sound macabre come from this game. Certainly a very frightening but equally attractive. However, this game is not for the faint of vía ball to avoid someone screaming in the night.
Overall, the game is a mobile game Forgotten Memories horror experts appreciated the background graphics dark, cold, but equally exquisite to “cold man”. This should be a very worthy titles available on the mobile phone of the players ‘hard’ love adventure and especially love the spooky, creepy from the horror game. However, you also need to prepare psychologically before logging into the game.
Currently, the game has officially Forgotten Memories is on mobile devices running iOS for $ 4.99. Quick game installed to experience one of the most attractive games sanctifying this summer. Wish you have moments of real fun that this game offers.


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