Sharks are a very popular animal in the horror film about the ocean and Game Depth: Blood and Gold will bring her fears to the video game through exploitation of this species. This is definitely a game dnags expectations.
Whether swim or not swim, then each had an opportunity to play in areas where rivers or lakes vast seas, surely had at Aaron chillingly you feel when thinking about sea monsters, right? Thanks to Hollywood filmmakers and dozens of works themed on their ocean monster that fear is unfounded sometimes cause us to imagine all sorts of horror beneath deep water abyss. Among them, the most popular to mention sharks – species that existed on Earth for millions of years without evolution except in size, perfect show as dangerous in their hunting ability.

In addition to movies, the sharks are often the preferred object of the game makers want to scare the players in the game screen related to water, such as Resident Evil or Far Cry game. However, the number of titles fully focused on this ocean teenagers can count on the fingers, not to mention the very poor quality and did not cause anyone to remember. That makes the gamers are somewhat disappointing. five nights at freddy’s demo

five nights at freddy's demo
Game Depth: Blood and Gold is a product that wants to try again to this topic. The game was developed by Digital Confectioners indie game. This game takes you to the confrontation between the two sides, one side is the diver with the goal of finding treasure in the deep sea and the other side is the huge shark with sharp teeth with demand satisfactory standard of his day 3 meals. Surely many would lurking danger when you join in on this. Please use the talents and wisdom to conquer the deep blue ocean.

While shark possesses movement speed quickly with the deadly bite toward the divers, the players also feature many special use guns underwater activities. We will help the players fight splendor to be able to survive. However, your enemies are aggressive, so you really have to pay attention and sensitivity to deal with them. Equip weapons can be upgraded with money earned from gold and treasure, even if sharks play, players can help us “evolve” to become stronger – That is what the development team promise of Game Depth: Blood and Gold.
The game’s interface is also a success of the development team. Players will feel like you are lost in the true blue ocean. The live picture really gives you almost feel more real. The sound of the game also built a reasonable and interesting. These factors will certainly surprise you and enjoy the game.
Depth: Blood and Gold are expected to release via Steam in November next. Game will mainly focus on online multiplayer PvP but also the AI ​​so that players can practice alone. Let’s look to see if the title Left 4 Dead shark version can succeed or not.

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