Game Bioshock is one of the highest rated games in the upcoming decades iOS version for iPhone and iPad device.
Game video game BioShock is the first shooting was praised many of the plot as well as the interface. Its original version was developed by Irrational Games and designed by Ken Levineduoc released in 2007 in North America, followed by Europe and Australia.

The game is set in the fictional history of the 1960s in the city Rapture- where players will be immersive and fight for survival. Game BioShock received many positive reviews about the plot, setting the context of the role and convey the moral philosophy.
Players will play one person survived the accident aircraft crashed into the sea named Jack, who tries to survive in a city called Rapture was built under the sea to succumb to the sudden became crazy addictive substance that can give them an extraordinary power when replacing genes. Of course, you also use this quality to survive, as well as special abilities.

Come to the game BioShock, the spectacle barely make gamers too scared or right edge of your seat constantly. However, this game still has two very remarkable scenes, brings creepy feeling in the game. The first is to push the bike scene Splicer baby, lullaby tunes with hauntingly, scary and on her hand was a pistol. The scene will not shocking is how if she does not constantly thoắt hidden escape and gamers do not see the shadow on the floor, and then the shape hanging upside down on the ceiling. five nights at freddy’s
Scene 2 is still the story when players are away suddenly looked back and saw a scary face was on the back from time to time. If the gamer concentrating forward but forgotten behind, it will be one of those moments that you have all souls.

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BioShock mobile game has been revised a bit to make sure that the graphics platform can manage the game and if the game is decided to play with the touch screen, it’s still interesting.
BioShock game for iOS is a miniature version of game titles directly from a first person shooter ever causing storms on Windows and Xbox 360 Mincrosoft from 7 years ago.

As for the graphics, game BioShock will be reduced down to ensure that capacity can run smoothly on the hard drive only up to 2GB capacity Apple. Ie fog and shadows move in the game was deleting. Game includes driver support systems Bluetooth and has an outer liner to adjust the touch.
In action, the game is quite similar to the original BioShock, especially when played on iPad with a control panel. Gamers will quickly forget the feeling that you’re playing on a tablet.
With the touch panel, the game BioShock can not necessarily the same as the original version, there was a bit frustrated during the game experience of making it difficult to control the characters move, aim and shoot or slide across lanes Forum flew. To compensate for this shortcoming, the developers have increased the ability to shoot up a little sightseeing.

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