Brighter Day game totally contrary to the principles of the horror game ever with bright vistas and beautiful.
Referring to the horror game genre, people will think of the dark scene, the pale colors best suited for creating macabre sense to participants. This is directly related to the ancient instinct with people, it is afraid of the dark. Nobody thought about the devil back in the day or at the flood-lit place, and horror game set in the course have completely opposite if you want to scare someone.

However, the principle seemed immovable have been broken by a new title called Brighter Day game. At first glance, you would get the impression this is a game for kids or casual genre context certain fairyland for the colorful picture of it. But as tracked trailer, viewers will feel Brighter Day brings chills feeling, especially the mobile eye caught everywhere in the world game.  5 nights at Freddy’s

This makes the game much more attention. In addition, the audio system is invested carefully for the game also contributed more lively. You will be very surprised to hear the sounds macabre to the hair stand up. Be prepared psychologically if not you will really very scared.

Five Nights at Freddy's
According to developer Brighter Day go style stealth action, with the task handed to the player is to escape from the monstrous study area without being detected by the eye appear scattered everywhere. Of course the players are not even self defense weapons that are forced to rely on the visibility of ourselves. For the enemy, you can just single impacts on them are throwing objects to distract. This will cause a lot harder for you while fighting ability is almost not there. However, it is required by the game so that you are only allowed to follow but can not change anything.
Helping you are taking medicine, can be thrown as a distraction tactic. There’s also a huge block, which seemed hypnotises eye spot. That is a legitimate stealth game, and the evidence is pretty death-my repeated hard. It is done all the creepier thanks to sound design, you can hear for yourself.

Brighter Day blockbuster game is currently in the stage waiting to be voted on Steam Greenlight system. However, just at the moment, you can buy or download the game directly beta at the homepage of The Loneliest Pixel developer.
The purpose of the issuer is to give the player new experiences and interesting to participate in the game.
Playing this game will be a very interesting experience and new for those people who trot crush horror game genre. This would be a wise choice to play in the period of your spare. Prove you are a good player and talented sword participating in this game.

The game is expected to launch in the near future if the process through Steam Greenlight ended smoothly. Meanwhile, we will have the opportunity to verify whether the introduction above attractive indeed in volume or just bragging.

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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