Kholat Games is a game based on the mysterious crash caused 9 fatalities scientists in 1959 in the mountains of Russia. The reason for this accident was taken as inspiration for horror game because it contained mysterious circumstances very difficult to explain.
Stories of ghosts scary though to where is just fiction and can not haunt us long because everyone thought it was just a story fabricated and totally hip true. Meanwhile, apart from the fact there are many strange stories that have yet to be answered as the mysterious disappearances, unexplained accident, creatures of legend … It really makes one must shudder at the thought. Five Nights at Freddy’s
Typically the horrific accident in 1959 in Russia’s Ural mountains Mountains as an example. Kolat Siakul mountain, located west of the Ural Mountains (Russia), has long been dubbed the “Mount corpse” because it has already happened to mysterious deaths in the same time can not be explained.

The expedition had all of 10 people – all the people in the group have experience in climbing to the tops Kholat Syakhl departure with the purpose of understanding the impact of altitude and extreme weather on human body people. This expedition from day 31/1, 15/2, any time to contact the group were cut off entirely and no one knew anything about the situation or their information again.

Search efforts of the authorities then showed all 9 people (one survived because of illness before the date set out report) among them died. Their tent was shattered and the bodies were found scattered around the state just wearing pajamas, barefoot. Causes of death was ruled as sudden hypothermia. A strange detail is in the hands of two people still have scorch marks.
An autopsy showed that all the tents were opened, the body did not show signs of resistance but on the skull had a fracture, two broken ribs still tongue of the variable climbers lost.

To date more than 50 years, the cause of death of the said expedition remains a mystery, and this story has often been netizens mention whenever discussing horror theme. Of course in today’s article, we will not go looking for answers to problems that even scientists have to give up, but instead is a game trying to reconstruct the tragedy through the images of the virtual world – Kholat.
Kholat as you can see is that it is named after the mountain where the mysterious crash above. Game built under the first-person perspective takes players to follow a character finding Ural Mountains mountains to discover what had happened to the ill-fated expedition. Kholat longer be led by Sean Bean – famous British actor (who participated in the blockbuster films like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Island …) promises to increase even more appealing for the game.
With graphics and sound are designed in harmony and in the company, this game promises to bring interesting surprises for players.


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